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You Can Be 90% healthy too!

Can any one be 90 percent health?  I believe you can, but my point here is to make living a strict life style, such as vegan eating, easily attainable. The art of the cheat I never really liked the word “cheat”.  It implies that you’ve done something wrong.  In this case, lets do something right. […]

Kid Safe Food – Annie’s

It is unusual to find a whole line of food that I can’t really find anything wrong with, but Annie’s seems to fit the bill.  I haven’t completed my research yet, mainly because they make so many products.  Their colorants are natural and they don’t hide things in “Natural Flavorings”.  The only thing I find […]

Casein Hydrolyzed (Thickening Agent) Casein, the principal protein in milk, is a nutritious protein containing adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids. People who are allergic to casein should read food labels carefully, because the additive is used in some “non-dairy” and “vegetarian” foods. A word about “Partially Hydrogenated” Oils: It is now known […]