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I believe that it in order to do anything in life you MUST understand how it works. Once you understand you can make informed decisions about what you are attempting to do. This is the basis of the creative process. The goal of this blog is to help us understand Food, Health and Cooking. These are things we deal with daily and can't, or shouldn't ignore. - Jughandle

Your Cake – And Eat it Too!

Trials and tales of an amateur cake “Expert”.  Things you can’t learn about making cakes from watching TV or reading books This will be a series of posts all relating to making CAKE Scratch or Box?  This post is bound to be controversial. Some purist will insist that your cake should be completely scratch made. …

How to Test Your pH

Snake Oil My biggest concern in discussing this topic is to be taken seriously.  When a health method isn’t totally embraced by the traditional health community, it seems as though the snake oil salesmen display an inordinate number of cure-all methods and substances you can take to cure everything from gout to cancer. As with …

pH Food Chart

My blog has roughly 1500 readers per week.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Apparently I hit a good subject with the pH thing.  GOOD!  Seems that I’m a little behind in finding out about this important health topic.  I started to creep up on the subject, but many of you want more …