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More Reasons to buy Organic

If you haven’t gotten on the organic band wagon, I’ve got some more convincing to do.  The following is largely from an article in Organic Gardening Mag. Think about it You should be eating a heavily weighted diet of plants and raw foods.  I don’t want to hear the same old BS that we are meat eaters […]

Kid Safe Food – Annie’s

It is unusual to find a whole line of food that I can’t really find anything wrong with, but Annie’s seems to fit the bill.  I haven’t completed my research yet, mainly because they make so many products.  Their colorants are natural and they don’t hide things in “Natural Flavorings”.  The only thing I find […]

Year in Retrospect from a food standpoint

This has been an interesting year.  I’ve posted nearly 160 posts in 6 months averaging around 26 posts per month in addition to 60 of my favorite recipes.  The blog started in July and now has 72 subscribers averaging over 450 hits per week.  Personally, I’ve gone from a  morbidly obese meat eater to a […]

Can you taste the Umami?

Umami is supposedly the “fifth” taste.  We all know about salty, sweet, sour and bitter, now Umami is and has been another way to describe that indescribable flavor we are tasting. History In 1908 a Japanese chemist discovered a new primary taste that he labeled Umami which in Japanese means “Pleasant savory taste”.  In 1985 the scentific […]