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Confessions of a Fat Man

I don’t know about you but my scale and the BMI say I’m “morbidly Obese” Now, that is an ugly term. I don’t like it and I’d like to be just “obese”. I haven’t always been this way. For most of my life I was an athlete. I lived and breathed it. Then in or […]

Let Jug help you with your Food or Diet problems

I’m here to help. I need your questions about diet problems and cooking or food related road blocks. Need a recipe idea for a party? Ask Jug Need a gift for a “foodie” friend? Ask Jug Can’t get past that plateau on your diet? Ask Jug how Can’t decide what diet to do? Ask Jug […]

Let’s get started Living better – Recipe of the Day Enclosed

Alright Fat Farmers, let’s get all the hoopla out of the way and start becoming more healthy today.  We’re going to start slowly, by promising to eliminate all food that has been processed or has more than 3 ingredients listed.  Really shouldn’t be that hard.  How important is your health anyway? Now, if you are really serious and […]

Food Additives to Avoid – Seriously

Why are cancers on the rise?  Keep Reading – I’m sending this our Fat Farm group, because Ithink it is very, very serious.  If you aren’t already reading the label of food you buy, you should start NOW.  Please watch out for and avoid eatingthese food additives.  If you want more information on how these […]