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Organic Shopping is catching on!

It’s working.  You are spending over $30 billion per year to avoid toxins in your food and over half of that spending is for organic food. Other things to look for In addition to the organic vegetable isle, you should be also looking for organic food in places you wouldn’t necessarily think of. Hormone-Free Desserts […]

Organic Manifesto | Why We All Need an Organic Manifesto | Rodale News

Why We All Need an Organic Manifesto In her book Organic Manifesto, Maria Rodale explains why demanding organic is a much-needed solution to protect our health and heal our planet. The following is another great article from  Choosing Organic food protects not just us, but the environment BY LEAH ZERBE Choosing food grown with […]

What Constitutes Organic food

What Constitutes Organic food and what foods are best eaten that way Yesterday I posted more reasons to buy and eat organic, but I didn’t explain what organic is and which foods benefit us most to be eaten that way. Simply, organic farmers don’t use synthetic chemicals to fertilize or synthetic pesticides to control weeds […]