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What’s Next?

In the past few months, let’s see, we’ve talked about: Milk and Lactose Intolerance, How to prevent and reverse heart disease, Sodium and Salt. How to properly set a table and  Is diet soda good or bad. I introduced you to Matcha tea and tea in general. I explained that there are things that you shouldn’t put in the freezer  […]

Pantry 101-General Goods & Condiments 27-33

General goods & Condiments 1. rice 2. dried pasta in different shapes 3. dried onion soup mix 4. tomato paste 5. tomato sauce 6. canned tomatoes 7. peanut butter 8. jelly 9. canned tuna 10. raisins 11. chocolate syrup 12. cereals 13. chicken or beef stock 14. canned soups 15. canned beans 16. olives 17. […]

Pantry 101-Baking and Spices 6-12

Yesterday we did Baking and Spices (dry goods) 1-5. I left out two very important items from the list and I’m going to insert them to the #6 & 7 slot. 6) Corn flour – from–38299/corn-flour.asp Is a type of flour milled from dried kernels of yellow corn. It is similar to cornmeal except […]