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Get a Meat Thermometer

If you are going to be cooking with me or just cooking my recipes, you will need a thermometer.  There are hundreds of ways to use the thermometer from plain steaks and fish to bread and cakes.  You can accurately cook a  beef steak to rare, 125 deg F., a fish fillet to perfectly flakey at 140 deg F., or a loaf of bread to perfectly done at 205 deg F.  It really is a “can’t miss, always right” situation.

Most good cook books will have finished internal temperature numbers to shoot for.  Remember that when you take a piece of meat off the grill or a cake from the oven it is absolutely critical to the final dish that you rest it.  During the resting period the final internal temp can rise dramatically.  The longer you cook something the higher the resting temperature rise will be.  A turkey can rise as much a 30 deg F. during the resting period, making the difference between a perfectly, moist and tender bird, or a tough and dry one.

Which one to buy?

Which one to buy will depend on two things, of course.  What and how do you want to use it and how much are you willing to spend?

There are candy thermometers which tell you when the perfect “crack” point of sugar is, and fancy digital thermometers that are wireless and have a voice command to tell you when your meal is ready.

Many professional chefs use “instant read” probes like the Termapen which can set you back close to $100, but are accurate and will last a long time.  Some will use a really cheap instaRead like




the CDN IRM190 InstaRead Meat & Poultry Cooking Thermometer for under $10 at  Personally I like to have a thermometer that I can stick in the meat and leave it until it’s done.  That way I can judge the time until the meal is served.  For that I use a thermometer such as:

Taylor 1470 Digital Cooking Thermometer/TimerOven Thermometers)

What ever you do your cooking will improve with temperature cooking.

Farm On you Fat Farmers,

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