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Freezer Items to Keep on Hand 11-14

These are items to stock in the freezer. Most will keep 6 months to a year or more and are a great source of last minute meals or an add-on to a meal in progress.

Freezer Items to Stock 11-14

1. orange juice concentrate
2. corn
3. green beans
4. spinach
5. peas
6. mixed vegetables
7. ground beef
8. chicken breasts
9. shrimp
10. dinner rolls or bread
11. ice cream
12. pie crust
13. nuts
14. peppers


11. ice cream – this kind of speaks for itself.  Ice cream is very high in fat and sugar and we all know what that leads to.  I don’t recommend stocking the freezer with this item.

12. pie crust – now pre-made frozen pie crust can come in hand for many legitimate needs.  A crust can be one of the most time consuming things to make when making a quiche or other savory crusted dish.

13. nuts – all kinds of raw nuts store best when kept in the freezer.  As with everything else, try to avoid freezer burn by removing all the air from the package before freezing.

14. peppers –  peppers of all kinds store will in the freezer.  It is time consuming to blanch and cut up or roast and clean peppers for a dish.  This can be done on a slow day and frozen to be used when time is short.

That’s it Farmers, hope you can benefit from the lessons on pantry items.  Let’s start cooking. – jug