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Impossible Whopper Comparison

The “Impossible Whopper” sandwich – A Whopper sandwich with a plant based patty in place of the charbroiled beef patty on the classic Whopper. Yeah or Nay?

My Favorite Food Blogs

These are a dozen of the 50 or so food blogs I follow on a daily or weekly basis. In no particular order of importance to me, My Favorite Food Blogs

Limes – Why are there no seeds?

I have wondered for years why lemons have seeds and limes don’t. No one could really give me a good answer until now. David Karp does here.

Start a SUGAR Detox Diet

There is no reason a person with normal body functions should need to eat anything with added sugar.The World Health Organization says that you should have no more than 6 teaspoons per day. You need a sugar detox diet.

Get An Internal Food Thermometer

If you are going to be cooking with me or just cooking my recipes, you will need a internal food thermometer.

Meals To Your Door

If you have other important things to deal with in you life, you may yearn for an easier way. Time, or lack thereof, can leave you no other choice than to head for your local drive-thru for another fast food dinner. Lately there is another choice.

Organic Shopping is catching on!

It’s working, organic shopping is catching on. Now look for other organic products.

Chiles, Fresh & Dried

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fresh and dried chiles are a staple of most cuisines. Chile, with an “e”, is the fruit of a plant. With an “i”, Chili is…

Olives Don’t Grow On The Tree With A Pimento

The U.S. state of Georgia, once a big producer of olives, is enjoying a resurgence in recent years.

More about SUGAR

Is sugar is the bane of our existence?