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Proof of God

Proof of God

by jughandle



With all of the insane news we have been bombarded with lately and just the fact that everything in life doesn’t reflect the fairy-tail existence some of us thought we might have while growing up, I thought I’d share my Proof of God with you.

Life is a constant string of, at best, disappointments.  As the old saying goes, “Life is hard and then you die”.  I believe that sums it up nicely.  I can only speak for myself, so don’t harbor the delusion that I might be trying to teach you something here, I’m not, I’m just telling you my story.  Life is hard for many reasons, foremost with me is the fact that people and pets grow old, suffer and die.  The most tragic of all are the people and pets whose life’s are shortened by an accident or senseless act.  Because of the aforementioned facts of life, I have experienced different levels of belief in the creator, from “not sure” to “no frigging way a real god could let that happen” to “that was so beautiful and loving that it has to be an act of a loving God”.

Today is the 56th birthday of my “Proof of God”.  Nancy Darlene Myer, my partner and so many other things, is resting comfortably in bed with our old dog Quag a couple of hours before sunrise on this, the 56th anniversary of her birth.

It hasn’t been easy for Darlene.  Oh, sure, we’ve had some amazing times and travels together.  We even had money early on and enjoyed all the fine things in life.  Time has taken it’s toll on me physically, and unfortunately, my game plan was all physical.  Darlene has learned everything I know and has improved on it.  She is incredibly smart (except for spouse choices) and works her self until she drops.  She looks after my Mother and even physically built my parents house with me in 1995.  She can roof, tile, frame, plumb, do HVAC, electrical, paint, plaster, run trim and build cabinets on a professional level.  Oh yeah, she cuts wine bottles and pours candles for one of our clients and has done over 4,000 of those in the last year and a half.

Darlene, as most know her, is my proof that God does exist.  How else could I have ended up with some one who has known me completely for over 30 years and is still by my side 24/7/365?  Other strong individuals, have departed long ago for greener pastures, with far less time at the helm.  I have know many wonderful women that I was very compatible with, but Darlene was the only one that signed on for the long haul.  It’s not that I haven’t given her a couple of chances to leave.  She turned me down both times, saying that “I didn’t ever think I would get married, then I found you and I changed my mind.  You are stuck with me for at least this life time.”  Now that is dedication.

Nancy Darlene Myer, IS the reason I believe there is a God.  Did I mention we are together 24/7?  Have you met me?  And I love her with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Dar

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Mittie Wooden December 16, 2012 - 9:39 am

Happy Birthday to my sister & friend 😀

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