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Tofu – How to Cook With It

by jughandle

The following is what I Think I know about Tofu:

  • It is made from soy beans
  • It comes in 3 textures
  • It has very little flavor of it’s own
  • It is high in protein
  • It isn’t very expensive

Now I’ll do a little research and see just what Tofu really is and how to make a meal out of it.

  • Wikipedia says “Tofu or bean curd[3] is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.” – I was almost right.
  • It is available in FAR more than 3 textures or varieties – look here
  • It does have a flavor of its own and it isn’t necessarily pleasant – look here
  • It is very high in protein.  In fact 1/2 cup has 10.1 grams of protein where men should have a daily intake of 56 grams. and that same 1/2 cup only has 94 calories.  Compare that to beef-  100 calories of tofu has 11 grams of protein and 100 calories of beef only has 8.9 grams of protein and the same amount of cheese has only 6.2 grams.  One more thing.  1/2 cup of tofu contains 5 grams of fat where 4 oz of beef contains 15 grams of fat.  And Tofu is cholesterol-free – Info comes from here.
  • I’m finding that a 12.3 oz package of tofu (about 3/4 lb) is about $1.80 and a pound of cheap ground-beef is at least $2.50 per pound making Tofu a little cheaper than beef.
  grilled tofu

What the heck to do with it?

  • You can fry it
  • You can crumble it up into salads and cassaroles
  • You can Stir-fry with it
  • You can melt it like cheese
  • You can even make dessert out of it
  • It will hold a marinade very well
  • Before using it you should press the excess liquid out of it
  Tofu Stir-fry     Tofu Pot pie

Which kind to buy?

  • Buy the firm or extra firm type if you are substituting for meat in a dish
  • Buy the soft or silken type if you are adding it to a drink or dressing
  • Buy flavored tofu if you are looking for a specific flavor, like bacon tofu.

  Various tofu dressings

Look for recipes to follow soon.  I’m curious about this stuff.  Please share your tofu recipes or stories with the Farm – Jughandle



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