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Recipe – Heinz Ketchup copycat

Recipe – Heinz Ketchup copycat

by jughandle
  • Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat.
  • Whisk until smooth or use a stick blender
  • When mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.  Stir often to avoid burning on the bottom.
  • Remove Pan from heat and cover until cool.
  • Chill and store in a covered container.

Jughandle recommends:
Try using whole fresh tomatoes, fresh onion and garlic

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Recipe - Heinz Ketchup copycat

Author jughandle

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Terry September 29, 2012 - 10:06 am

This recipe is pretty close, but a couple of observations…it needs more corn syrup to match the sweetness of Heinz. I had to add about another 1/4 cup, and also an extra teaspoon of sugar. Heinz is also a more earthy or “umami” than this recipe. Perhaps smoked paprika would help, unfortunately I had none, so I added two teaspoons of regular Spanish paprika instead. Last, there is an entire flavor note missing, which turns out to be ground cloves. Adding about 1/4 tsp of ground cloves to this, along with the additional sweetness and the paprika makes it just about spot-on. In fact, my taste testers decided it was actually a bit better than Heinz. Good job and thanks for posting this, it’s just what I needed to go with my French’s mustard copycat 🙂

jughandle October 1, 2012 - 12:47 pm

Wow, Thanks Terry for that in depth critique of the recipe. I LOVE it. I can’t wait to try your suggestions. I do have some smoked paprika that I’ll use, but what do you think about using Jamacian Allspice instead of the cloves. That might add that little extra you were talking about and it has cloves in it. Again – thanks for your suggestion and for following my blog. – Jug

jughandle August 21, 2017 - 7:11 am

You are correct. Thanks for reading

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