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More Notes About Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

More Notes About Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

by jughandle

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Asparagus Souffle –  It was supposed to look like the first picture but ended up looking like the second picture.  It tasted great, but it didn’t rise.  The only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong was to under fill the ramekins and possibly over whip the egg whites.  I’m going to keep trying this one until I get it right.




 Broccoli Bites – These were a HUGE success and were scarfed down instantly.  They were invented by the author as a broccoli dish for kids.  I’m here to tell you that adults love these too.  They can be made in advance and then scooped out onto a cookie sheet to bake for 20-30 mins or until they brown.  Cool until they won’t burn your mouth and serve with some sort of dipping sauce, but mine didn’t get that far. I recommend making a double batch.  These were voted in the top 3 dishes of the week by my guests.




 A can’t fail salad and desert

Ceasar Salad – ala Jughandle –  I’ve been making this salad for almost 30 years.  I modified it slightly to make it unique and safe to eat.  Instead of adding a raw egg to the salad as an emulsifying agent, I use a tablespoon of mayonnaise, which is basically just eggs and oil.  I also make my own croutons and often use limes instead of lemons for an unusual twist.  When you have to have a quick salad that is a crowd pleaser, try this salad.




 Creme Brulee – I have never met anyone who did not love this desert,  and I’ve been making them with this recipe for 20 years.  These can be made way in advance and even frozen for future use as a late night snack.  Always taste the custard before putting it in the ramekins, because what you taste there is what you are going to get in the end.  Cooking only changes the texture.





 I’ll give you more tomorrow,  stay warm – jughandle




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