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Let Jug help you with your Food or Diet problems

Let Jug help you with your Food or Diet problems

by jughandle
Have a diet related Question?
Have a diet related Question?

Ask Jughandle

I’m here to help. I need your questions about diet problems and cooking or food related road blocks.

Need a recipe idea for a party? Ask Jug
Need a gift for a “foodie” friend? Ask Jug
Can’t get past that plateau on your diet? Ask Jug how
Can’t decide what diet to do? Ask Jug
Have a “friend” with a health problem? Jug will find the answer

Thanks for following me and I look forward to a healthier life for all of us.

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1 comment

Claytonfek May 30, 2017 - 8:19 pm

Can certainly someone help me with a little issue.
A split year ago, I was identified as having the candida fungus
I wish to test a few eating plan against Candida fungus.
Online, a lot of information in this particular situation.
However , ideas typically diverge. And I did not find the proper conclusion for myself personally.
Probably the forum participants can advise a successful diet or a few tasty recipes against candida?
I will be extremely many thanks for any help

Thank you!

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