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More on Drinking Water

by jughandle

Are you like millions of people and have just realized that you need to drink more water?  Are you one of those walking around with a bottle of water to keep hydrated?  Sorry to inform you, but you are behind the times, and are now part of the problem and not the solution you may have believed.

Our Body

I posted the first version of this article 7 years ago.  It seems that nothing has changed.

Our bodies are 2/3 water.  Drinking water is critical to the function of all our organs, yet we don’t seem to care where our water comes from.  The Natural Resources Defense Council tested 1000 bottles of water. Surprise, they discovered that 1/5 or around 22% of the brands tested contained contaminates above the legal, state of California, and public health levels. Arsenic was in all of them.


Plastic that most bottled water is stored in can break down under temperatures as low as those found in the storage warehouses. Even your own garage can be too hot to store plastic.  When water bottle plastic reaches 158 deg F, it will leach chemicals into your water.  You don’t warm your food in the microwave in plastic or plastic wrap any more, right? So why drink from the plastic stuff? It has the same result.  Picture chemicals dripping into your food and water.

Both, Dasani, bottled by Coke and Pepsi’s Aquafina are just filtered municipal tap water with added minerals for flavor.  Considering that tap water is then subsequently bottled in plastic, you’d be much better off drinking straight tap water, and much, much better off  drinking filtered tap water.

plastic bottle beach 1

Plastic Bottles

The plastic our water bottles are made from is called polyethylene terephthalate or PET for short.  First of all, PET is produced from crude oil, and it takes a bunch of oil to make it.  Roughly 17 million barrels to produce just water bottles, last year alone.  Now you now why water is more expensive than gasoline.  Secondly, over 90 percent of those 30 Billion water bottles end up in the land fill.  YES, ninety percent!

This next statement isn’t radical, or even liberal, tree hugging maybe a little, but certainly logical.  


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