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Morning After

by jughandle

Soooooo, how did it go yesterday?   Hope your introduction to a new way of eating got off well.  Today I’m just going to reiterate a couple of standards.

1.  SUGAR is the enemy.  It changes the glucose level in your blood and triggers your pancreas to secrete insulin which in turn will make your body store the unused glucose as fat and wear out your pancreas. We all need to keep our blood sugar over 60 and less than 120.  Not just if you are a diabetic, which you certainly will become if you keep up your evil ways.  Sugar also makes you want more sugar.  A death spiral.

2.  Learn the Glycemic Index of the foods you eat most often and only eat food with an index rating under 60.  Why, because I said so….. Sorry I morphed into my father for a second.  Why, because high index carbs or foods with sugar and carbs in them are metabolized by the body quickly and turned to glucose, raising our blood sugar levels (see number 1).  Lower index carbs are metabolized for energy over a longer period of time and USED by the body for energy instead of being STORED as fat.

Too cheap to by a book?  Write me and ask, I’ll tell you.

That’s it!! Easy peasy.  More recipes tomorrow – jug out.

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