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San Francisco Herb Co.

by jughandle


Gourmet Spices, Herbs, Tea, Essential Oils and Potpourri at Wholesale Prices.

About Us

Since 1973, our mission has been to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. With products ranging from spices to potpourri, our efforts toward achieving this goal are reflected in the superior quality of our products, fast turnaround times, and high level of customer service and support.
Our store offers the public an opportunity to walk into our world and purchase any amount of packaged product.  It is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 4pm (closed major holidays).  More information on our store can be viewed here.
Store address: 250 14th St (between Mission & South Van Ness), San Francisco CA 94103



Located behind and beside our wholesale outlet, our warehouse takes up almost 1/6 of a city block. Here we receive our containers and truck shipments, package our bulk material, computer control inventory and ship out your orders. More information on our warehouse can be viewed here.

Incorporating high levels of efficiency with custom-authored software and procedures, we maintain a staff of about a dozen employees.  This allows for a very familial work environment as well as a highly trained and dedicated staff, many of whom have been with SF Herb for over 10 years.


 Neil Hanscomb                             

Neil is one of the original owners of San Francisco Herb Co. He is a very enthusiastic business man and loves to  go to work on Monday morning. A sailboard enthusiast who became a CPA after Vietnam, he’s a self-described “numbers guy” who designed the inventory control system for SF Herb.




Over the years we’ve noticed a few reviews written mentioning us.  Feel free to check out what others have to say in one of the following:

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Wallflour.com, 2008.  Written by Camille Chu.
Herbs to Know, 2008.  Written by Charlotte Gerber.
NutraFoodies Magazine, 2007.  Written by George Brozowski.
San Francisco Chronicle, November 2005.  Written by Delfin Vigil.
San Francisco Chronicle, September 2000.  “All-Star” food site list.
Food and Beverage Journal, April 1999.  Written by Virginia Bisek.
Epicurean Magazine, 1998.  Written by Bill Kimball.



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